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By far the best testimonial and the most humorous one I have ever received was from Harold Weitzberg of Weitzberg Consulting.

Two days before Christmas 2008, his computer died during a major project, and I was able to fix it by recovering his entire failed hard drive, which I duplicated to a new hard drive. At our next BNI meeting, Harold read his testimonial, and it was so good that he actually got a standing ovation for it! To do Harold's comments justice, the testimonial is best read in its original form in this PDF document.

Harold has marketed some quite famous people, including the Olsen twins. I highly recommend that you check out his services. In addition to being a Business Coach, Harold also handles merchant services and  payment processing at rates better than most competitors, with a high level of personalized service.

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gregg Hill of Hill Network Services to you for all of your computer needs. 

From my first meeting with Gregg, I knew he was much different than every other computer technician I had worked with.  Gregg actually reads and enjoys reading operating manuals.  This knowledge ties in with his natural curiosity of figuring out the “why” of computers doing what they do. This is a HUGE advantage for his clients because when he gets down to the “why” of your problem and fixes it, it’s truly fixed. 

I am lucky enough to be one of Gregg’s clients.  His advice and knowledge has been right on the money each and every time.  In my dealings with Gregg, he not only completes the task at hand, he continually goes well above and beyond the “call of duty.”

I take his advice and buy products that he recommends because I TRUST him and his knowledge.   There is no one other than Hill Network Services that will ever touch a computer that I own.

Kind Regards,

Alan Herman
Alan P. Herman Insurance Solutions LLC 

"My association with Gregg goes back several years and I am most impressed by his continued professional growth. He offers excellent service at fair prices and is always available to answer even my most mundane questions."

Jacques Boulanger
C&M Kitchen Cabinets, Inc.

"Gregg has been helping me with computer issues for a couple years now, and no matter day or night, during the week or on weekends, he is more than willing to help solve the problem. Our company is very fortunate to have him for an IT specialist."

Melissa H.
Merlex Stucco

Testimonial / Reference for Gregg Hill, Hill Network Services

"One day my computer would not turn on. I could not figure out how to fix it and I knew exactly who to call.  Gregg Hill was able to get my computer turned back on and transfer the data out of my computer right before the computer died for good.  If it were not for him, I might have lost many valuable files for work, and photos of my family.  Gregg provided a quick response time, professional consultation, and reasonable prices.  I would refer Gregg to anyone that had any computer problems, questions, concerns, or issues related to computers.  I am not just saying that either, I have referred Gregg to many people and I will continue to do so.  He has also worked on the network at the office where I work.  So, no matter how small or large the job, Gregg can handle it."

Kevin Sanderlin
Keller Williams Realty

“Gregg is great at what he does. He is aware of costs and if he doesn't feel it is necessary to come in, he just logs in and fixes the problem. He is always just a phone call away for us and has always been able to fix our problems. He is terrific!”

Tina Thurm
Kendon Industries

“Gregg is a very highly skilled Computer Consultant. He's quick, professional and extremely detailed - he appreciates a good challenge and won't stop until he "gets it right". I have used his services for over 10 years for home and business sytems and gladly recommend him.”

Terrie Boulanger

“Gregg is one of the good guys. He listens, he understands and solves the issues. I highly recommend him as a professional.”

Stephen Robbins

“Gregg has saved me money by encouraging me NOT to blow it on stupid repairs and needless upgrades. Anytime I have computer needs, he's my man.”

Anerio Altman
Lake Forest Bankruptcy

"To Whom It May Concern,

I have dealt with Gregg Hill on both a business and personal basis for the past six years. His computer expertise ranks among the best.

On a business level Gregg installed and managed our Windows NT 4.0 client/server networks. He managed our email accounts on Interland and set up Outlook or Outlook Express on multiple work stations. He also installed and managed our MAS 200 accounting software and NAT routers for shared Internet access on DSL connections.

On a personal basis he provides key assistance in keeping our home computer network functional.

Gregg Hill is a very competent and dependable individual and I am happy to be able to recommend him."

Ross DeBenon

Dear Gregg:

Thank you for coming to my home to work on my pc. The work you did far exceeded my expectations.

Your advice on how to keep my system free from viruses, spam, etc. was very helpful. Since your visit, it takes me much less time to sign on and access my Internet connection. Now that you’ve helped me get on track, I plan on having you return on a regular basis to prevent problems in the future.

I would highly recommend your services to any individual or firm seeking to hire you.

Mary Ann Felix

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