Network Services Provided

Firewall and VPN Appliances

A true firewall does more than just block hackers from getting into your network. It also should protect against users surfing pornographic web sites or other sites inappropriate to a business environment, filter email and web traffic for spam and virus content, and filter both inbound and outbound traffic. In the case of our preferred firewalls, it can be an SSL VPN connection point for secure remote access to the company network.

Increase your workers' productivity by making sure they only access the Internet for legitimate business purposes.

Virus and Malware Protection and Removal

Virus infections can cause your corporate data to be at risk. These risks range from data corruption or deletion to having your files sent out over the Internet to random people. If your network has a virus and it causes someone else's network to get infected, you could be liable for damages to their systems. 

Adware is unwanted software that gets installed without your knowledge. It often is packaged with "free" games and screen savers that you download, and it is a major cause of popup windows in your Internet browser. Adware is known to slow your computer’s performance.

Spyware is unwanted software that gets installed without your knowledge, and it is usually malicious in its intent. Spyware has been known to drop keystroke loggers onto systems in order to capture user names and passwords to bank accounts and other password-protected sites. Spyware can result in identity theft!

If you REALLY want to protect your network, consider a corporate-grade firewall that can mitigate most virus or malware threats by preventing access to the infected files, blocking them from ever reaching your network in the first place.

System Backups

Do you back up your data and critical files every day? How often do you test to see if you can restore that data? Are you willing to lose a day’s work, a week’s work, or even more? If not, then let us help you set up a backup routine to protect your critical data!

Network Administration

Do you have a small network of workstations that are not centrally managed (a “workgroup” or "peer-to-peer" network), and do you run around trying to keep up-to-date with security patches and antivirus software? Do you worry that your workstation will die and you will lose all of your Excel, Word, and other files? We can install servers, such as Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, that provide centralized management and security of data files (your “My Documents” folder and files, as well as your email, all go on the server and get backed up every day). Servers can also provide centrally managed antivirus and antispam solutions, and email that is remotely accessible via a web browser, Microsoft Outlook, or data-capable cell phones.

Network Security

Is your network secure from outside attack? What about from inside the network? Do your users have the ability to copy sensitive company data to a removable device and walk out the door with it? Are your employees surfing web sites on company time? These are all things to consider in providing network security.

Spam Filtering

Antivirus and mail filtering products from Trend Micro can filter out virus infected email, and can also dramatically reduce the amount of “spam” mail you receive.


We recommend Office 365 for centralized email and Office programs. 
Systems running recent versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows 7 or newer operating systems can use Outlook for local or remote email access, which is great for laptops and home users. You can be at an Internet café or a friend’s house without your own computer and use Outlook Web Access in a web browser to access your corporate email. Outlook Web Access has the same look and feel of Outlook, instead of the frumpy web mail applications most Internet Service Providers give you.

Remote Monitoring and Security Patching

Be proactive instead of reactive, and stop problems before they get too serious. You can have your whole network remotely monitored for pending problems. You can also have your network monitored for needed security patches, and then have them approved and installed on a timely basis.

Remote Access via a Terminal Server

A “Terminal Server” is a remotely accessible server on your network. It allows remote users to log into a session and access the data files and programs that they use every day while at work. Imagine sitting at home or in a hotel room on a business trip, and being able to open that important Excel spreadsheet that is on the office server. A Terminal Server allows you to work on your documents, check your email, and get things done in the comfort of your own home or while away on a business trip.

Network and Telephone Cabling

We can help you lay out your office for appropriate phone and data cabling to ensure you have all the telephone and computer data cables you need in each part of your office, as well as making sure your new network wiring meets local building and fire codes.


Adobe – Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Professional for PDF files
Eaton – battery backup systems to protect against power irregularities
Dell – servers and workstations
HP – DeskJet and LaserJet printers, network printers
Intuit – QuickBooks installation
Microsoft – server and workstation operating systems; Microsoft Office
Seagate - hard drives
WatchGuard - firewalls and VPN appliances
Trend Micro - antivirus and antispam solutions